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Friday, 1st August 2014
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Komodo CMS | Website Publishing and Content Management System

Komodo CMS responds to mobile

In early 2014 Komodo will be releasing a range of platform enhancements including a new preview section which will illustrate how your website currently appears on a range of mobile devices.

From a functional perspective, there are a range of time-saving and site-performance enhancements, including:

  • File library – drag-to-upload: Files can be uploaded to File Library in bulk by dragging directly from the desktop or file manager into the File Library window.

  • Form Builder file uploads: Pages using form builder now support file attachments using a new File Upload form content item.

  • Page rendering improvements: A number of improvements have been made to reduce the download size of KCMS pages and the average time taken for browsers to display pages, particularly for repeat visits.

  • Drag-and-drop ordering of information portal entries: The content display order of information portal entries can be changed by dragging the ordering icon for each entry. Changes are saved automatically.

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Komodo Web Content Management System - Launch Version 6

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Komodo CMS is a web content management system designed and built in Australia and deployed around the world! We fulfill the Internet's promise of efficient and high quality communication.

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CMS is an acronymn for Content Management System. There are numerous disciplines within the IT field of CMS, however CMS is most commonly associated with the management of websites and their content.

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A good CMS handles the technical elements of the web for you, looks after your brand integrity, and allows your organisation to manage this important communication channel on your own terms.

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