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A ‘necessary evil’?

Insurance customer experience satisfaction is at an all time low. According to international research by Capgemini, only thirty percent of experiences can be rated as positive and insurers rank as one of the lowest sectors when it comes to customer engagement and relationships.

Success in this space stems from a clear delineation of products and strong value propositions for customers emphasising speed, ease of use, reliability and most importantly trust.

This is accomplished with digital channels that utilise responsive and bespoke customer experience design developed in accordance with agile methodology.

Komosion ‘Insures’ customer confidence

Using our mixed methods approach of strategy, consulting, customer experience and digital know-how, Komosion will help customers overcome their traditional understanding of insurance.

We create actionable insights across the various digital touch points made by customers, mapping their journey to ensure a clear understanding of current customer experience.

This map is used to create multi-platform digital experiences that meet the major needs of an insurance company: expedience, practicality and dependability which cumulate into the essential ingredient of trust.