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Christmas office closure and Helpdesk support

With the silly season almost upon us we're planning on taking a short break over Christmas to recharge the batteries.

We'll be closed from Monday, 21 December to Friday, 1 January and will reopen Monday, 4 January 2016.

During the break we will operate an emergency
Helpdesk. Customers can still access the Helpdesk to log issues, however we'll only be able to respond to Critical and High Severity issues as explained below.

How to log an Emergency issue

To log an emergency issue (one with a Critical or High severity as outlined below), please log the issue with the online Helpdesk as normal and please also call 1800 669 213.

Critical (log using Helpdesk and call 1800 669 213)
The site is down or unavailable:
  • The system fails to operate in any respect or there are severe restrictions in the operation of the system that prevents the performance of any productive work
  • The incident has the potential to impact the safety of the your customers, employees or suppliers
  • The incident causes you to violate your regulatory compliance or material contractual obligations
  • The incident results in yours or your customers’ confidential information or details being released to general public

High (log using Helpdesk and call 1800 669 213)
A serious issue that makes part of the site unusable:
  • A major function is experiencing a reproducible problem, which causes a severe loss of site functionality or impacts in important business function

Normal and minor issues will be picked up after the Christmas closure.

Normal (log using Helpdesk)
An intermittent problem or failure of a non-essential program:
  • An important function is experiencing an intermittent problem
  • A common non-essential operation is failing consistently
  • The issue is not a fault or defect

Minor (log using Helpdesk)
A minor issue:
  • Cosmetic or minor functions are impeded