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Saturday, 15th December 2018
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Conference Feedback | Loop | Komodo CMS User Conference 2007

Delegate feedback on LOOP 2007 User Conference

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Please help make LOOP 2008 better by providing feedback on this year's conference ...

Information sessions
Komodo CMS Roadmap (David Warwick)
Trigger-based Marketing (Chantel and Julian)
Location-based Marketing (Ashley Porter)
Komodo CMS Features (Shawn, Marie and David)
Streamed Video and Rich Media (Ian Gardiner)
Building and Using Online Forms (William Jamieson)
Online Compliance and Intranets (David Griffiths)
Website Design Principles (Ben Loke)
Cavea Offline Publishing (Simon and Laurent)
Search Engine Marketing (Julian Olencewicz)
Conference Keynote (David Austin)
User Panel Session (Mod: Berry Driessen)
Quality of Content in General
Other feedback
Quality of Venue
Quality of Catering
Length of Conference
Notes and contact
Suggested Topics for Future
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