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Drupal "dwarfs" commercial vendors

Global consulting firm Gartner has released its 2015 Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management report, placing Drupal at the forefront of global enterprise web publishing platforms.

“Web content management (WCM) remains a vibrant and growing market, fuelled by the aspirations of digital strategists on the demand side and continuous innovation on the supply side,” the report stated.

WCM systems are now “mission critical” for IT application leaders, marketers, digital experience specialists and merchandisers.

Gartner noted that the popularity of the Drupal open-source platform "dwarfs that of any of the commercial vendors", as it singled out for praise Acquia, a company that offers cloud hosting and support services supporting Drupal sites.

Drupal has approximately 20 times as many sites among the top one million sites ranked by traffic as Adobe or Sitecore, according to

Komodo Kanvas – our latest version of Komodo CMS - is powered by Drupal and can deliver any kind of website you can conceive, from complex media sites, to e-Commerce, to beautiful destination experiences.

An increasing number of enterprises and midmarket organisations are raising their expectations of the digital channel. As the Magic Quadrant report notes they are “seeking to connect successfully with target audiences and engage these audiences with highly contextualised, cross-channel experiences” and Komodo Canvas has been created to help our clients do that.

The platform leverages all the features which have made Drupal so popular:

  • It can be deployed rapidly and easily integrates with other proprietary and third-party platforms;
  • Open Source means your money can be spent on additional services, not licences;
  • It has scalability and flexibility to fit any size and all needs, from government agencies to smaller businesses;
  • It supports multiple websites from a single installation of Drupal; and
  • Clients are not locked into one development provider. They can leverage the contributions made from a community of more than 30,000 developer and other contributors who have created a vault of more than 10,000 modules which extend the platform’s capability.

Drupal is used worldwide by private sector companies, not-for-profits and government including more than 150 United States Government agency websites ranging from NASA to the departments of Energy, Defence, Education, Commerce, Health, and Transportation among others.

When you pick Drupal, you pick the community, rather than just a platform. And we did just that.

Talk to us today about how we can help your digital transformation with Komodo Kanvas, powered by Drupal.