DrupalCon Barcelona 2015

Where do you go to find thousands of experts, technicians, business leaders and creatives with a singular focus on the worlds most powerful open source CMS, and the backbone of Komodo Canvas? You go to DrupalCon.

Held this year in the sunny, history-soaked Catalan city of Barcelona, DrupalCon Europe attracted nearly 3,000 people for a week of informative sessions, training, networking and tapas. Komosion sent Platform Director Christopher Skene to soak up the atmosphere.

"DrupalCon is currently held three times a year around the world. While the US event is the largest, the slightly smaller European 'Con is a better opportunity to talk to really wide range of people in the community," explained Chris.

"In an open-source project as big as Drupal, having good relationships with the right people is really helpful when using the product and solving the more complex challenges that may arise. It makes it easier to push the envelope."

With three days of sessions and a total of eight tracks there was no shortage of opportunities to learn and discover something new. In fact, simply keeping up with the breadth of material was a challenge in itself.

"I think I circled at least four sessions for each time slot. There was always something to see. There was a
strong focus on agile development practices this year – I think that has really become the standard in the industry now. We're even seeing governments adopting it," he reported, "However, there was also a really significant discussion around the use of Drupal as the central platform in a mix of technologies. Drupal's position as the central hub for multiple kinds of services is growing strongly."

The biggest story in town, however, was the release of the latest version of Drupal, version 8, which is due this year. "The ultimate release of Drupal 8 is big news, but after five years it may not offer much for the average user over the current version," Skene explains. "We have anticipated most of the changes in Komodo Canvas already, so anyone using our platform will probably be ahead in any case."

A DrupalCon for Asia will be held in Mumbai in February 2016.