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komodo edp program – questions and answers

Who should consider becoming an Endorsed Design Partner (EDP)?

Creative organizations that are involved in designing and developing websites for their customers will find partnership with Komodo CMS a beneficial arrangement.

What does the Komodo CMS product offer to my clients?

Komodo is a web content management system that enables very easy and very intuitive editing of websites. In addition, Komodo can manage access of visitors, editors and publishers on a section by section basis and provides modular functional additions to expand a website, including eCommerce, Dynamic Forms, Microsites, Web Statistics, Chat Rooms, and a host of other pre-built functionality.

Most importantly however, Komodo CMS is the only web content management system that is built specifically to protect your site design and the creative investment made by your clients.

You decide what page styles are usable, what type styles are usable, what the colour palette for the site is, how the primary navigation is set-up and what access rights your client has to the site. You can even protect certain elements to ensure that they remain uncorrupted. In addition, Komodo deals with browser compatibility and cross platform functionality issues to ensure the site is viewed in the way it was designed.

How do I benefit from being an Endorsed Design Partner?

At the core of the Endorsed Design Partnership is an understanding that creative professionals are best at interpreting how a client site should be designed and constructed, how the brand should be promoted and protected and what messages should be conveyed.

We believe web functionality should be handled by experts and systematized as much as possible, in the same manner as print and other media.

We also believe that clients are the best equipped to manage the day to day adjustments and updates to their site.

Komodo, through the EDP arrangement facilitates this combination of services to deliver the best of the web in design, functionality and flexibility. Your clients do what they do best, we provide the medium and you provide the creative impetus. As a result you can deliver more of what your clients may be asking for, you can focus on your strengths and we provide the technical marketing material and a rebate for every installation.

At the end of the process, the client gets a higher level of control over the content, they benefit from your design and information strategy decisions and they gain from the functionality and features of Komodo CMS.

What if I am already doing technical web development work?

If you started as a creative organization this means that you have already identified the need to expand 'brochure-like' websites into more functional and technically sophisticated tools for your clients. We believe that after you experience Komodo CMS, you will recognize its many strengths and decide that rather than re-inventing the wheel, you will be able to benefit from Komodo and use your technical skills in conjunction with the product or, if they are sufficiently developed, as a Komodo Development Partner - under a Product Development Agreement.

The Komodo Endorsed Design Partner arrangement is non-exclusive, so that you can use Komodo for some clients, custom development for others, or combined solutions where appropriate.

What if I am not technically inclined at all?

As the last question demonstrates, EDPs with a technical development competency can incorporate what they are already doing and benefit from Komodo CMS, even becoming a Development Partner.

This however is not the main aim of Endorsed Design Partners. Komodo CMS offers all the technical functionality that your clients are likely to need, if not, then Komodo or one of our Development Partners can provide custom development support.

Endorsed Design Partners are not required to have any technical sophistication and neither are their clients. The simplest way to think about this is ... the client needs to know their business, you need to know design and communication strategy, and we need to understand the technology.

Many Endorsed Design Partners get asked 'technical questions'. We provide you with some information to handle basic inquiries, however you should direct them to us, or talk to us first, if these questions become complicated.

Komodo CMS was specifically built to be easy to use, intuitive and at the same time powerful. The whole concept is removing technical complexity (through internal system 'smarts') and protecting an organization's investment in their identity and brand - as developed by our Endorsed Design Partners.

How does Komodo benefit from this arrangement?

Komodo has grown out of a creative environment and that is part of the reason that it is so well suited to design partners. It is however a commonsense business decision for us to continue to improve the product, developing additional functionality and modules and providing all of the necessary technical support and deployment services that go hand-in-hand with such a product.

The Endorsed Design Partnership arrangement is a vehicle for us to get a critical mass of deployed solutions to enable the total cost of development to be spread across a larger number of sites. This reduces the individual client / deployment cost to make the product attractive to a broader market.

You know who your clients are and what they need, we back you up with Komodo's web functionality and ancillary services and pay you a rebate for each installation to add to the fees you charge for your core services.

What are the financial details?

Komodo versions and add-on modules have a retail price that is kept up-to-date on this site (see product pricing). Endorsed Design Partners receive a 20 percent rebate on any product, module or expansion element that is sold to a client. If we are commissioned to provide any custom development or integration services, these services attract a 10 percent rebate to you.

You charge for your normal services, design or otherwise, including any technical services that you provide directly. We do not have any input into what you charge your clients other than providing you with occasional benchmarks on what other EDP businesses may be charging for basic services as a resource for you in making your own pricing decisions.

What am I required to do as an Endorsed Design Partner?

There are no quotas for sales, and you choose when it is appropriate to talk to a client about Komodo and when you would prefer other options.

The Komodo EDP Agreement is non-exclusive. You can use your own technical services, work with
other content management systems or produce static sites. Our only stipulations relate to protecting our intellectual property, ensuring that end customers adhere to the End-User License Agreement (EULA) and other straight forward arrangements regarding protection of our brand, protection of our partners, payment arrangements and general terms of agreement. The full agreement and EULA are available on the form download and registration page. Click here for Agreement and Registration Page >>

How will my EDP status generate business?

We believe our channels, brand and promotion activities can help to drive web design business to your organization. You will of course need to market your own services, as you are already doing, and you will be able to add Komodo's feature set to your discussions with potential clients.

In terms of what we are specifically offering, some benefits are as follows ...
- Your status as an EDP will be included on our
Partners Page with a link to your website.
- As you launch Komodo sites, we will include some of these in our
Showcase Pages.
- Sites of particular note will be included on our home page after their launch.
- We offer six-months free hosting for new sites.

In addition we are building a low-level content management system for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to offer basic 'place-holder' sites to their customers. These customers are numerous, and as they request more unique or functional sites, they will be referred to our Endorsed Design Partners.

Where are Komodo websites hosted?

The same options apply as for any dynamic website. Firstly, Komodo can host sites for your clients through our partnership with MCI on state-of-the-art web servers located in MCI's industry-leading data center. Under this arrangement, we offer competitive hosting rates and provide six-months complimentary hosting for deployed sites.

Alternatively, sites can be hosted by you, by your clients or through other Internet Service Providers (ISPs) provided that suitable facilities for hosting dynamic websites are available. Komodo can provide customized arrangements to suit specific requirements.

Who can become an Endorsed Design Partner?

Komodo is offering a product and supporting services to empower web design and creative service businesses to provide more sophisticated services to their clients.

To become an Endorsed Design Partner, we need to ascertain four things.
(1) You are in business to build or design websites for end clients;
(2) Your organization and clients would benefit from Komodo CMS;
(3) You would adhere to the terms of the EDP agreement and the End User License Agreement (EULA);
(4) Your work is of a quality that promotes the Endorsement, the value of design in the Internet space and the Komodo CMS brand.

The intention of these requirements is to promote the success of the partnership arrangement and protect the interests of other EDPs.

Click here for the EDP Agreement and Registration Form >>

What happens after becoming an Endorsed Design Partner?

Once we have your application and have approved it, we will discuss moving forward. The core steps include:
- Inviting you to meet our team to get a detailed product understanding.
- Setting up
test site(s) for you to explore and demonstrate to your clients.
- Access to the protected EDP section of the Komodo website.
- Adding you to our
Partners Page.
- Assisting in training your staff as and where appropriate.
- Provide you with Komodo marketing material and additional information.
- Assisting in communicating with, training and supporting your clients if you wish.
- Other services and materials to ensure a successful partnership.

In addition, we offer to install Komodo CMS for your own website at 50 percent of the retail price. We believe this is the best way for our partnership to flourish, for us to understand your business and for you to fully understand the product.

If you have a question that has not been answered here, please email it to


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