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cms experts, consultants and other resources


Remember the golden rule: follow the money. If the path leads to sales of a particular CMS product or a small group of vendors, then your expert advice is probably not so expert or impartial.

Similarly, given the nature of
Open Source product variants, unless you are the individual doing the program modifications or immersing yourself in the Open Source community, you will need a project manager or consultant who is. Sometimes these consultants call themselves CMS Experts or CMS Consultants, however their advice is once again likely to take you down a particular road. To a particular product.

As you may be able to tell, it is relatively difficult to find an impartial CMS Expert who has broad grasp of a large number of available products and the level of business understanding to provide expert advice.

You will need to make up your own mind, and we have provided some simple advice in our
Making a CMS Purchase section.

Some experts do exist, and if you 'follow the money', it will normally lead to people who are paid for their research or people who are paid for their seminars or peer group consulting.

Some examples are included below ...

Step Two Designs
Australian CMS Consultancy. Operates training sessions and provides consultancy on CMS products. Main focus is on Government or equivalent type projects. Visit website >>

The Gilbane Report
Operating conferences in Boston, San Francisco and Amsterdam, the Gilbane Report also provides industry news and other CMS related resources. Visit website >>

Gartner is a major producer of IT research in all areas of the industry. Their material on CMS Products focuses mainly on large Enterprise level solutions and their better material is pay-for-view. Visit website >>

Forrester Research
Like Gartner, Forrester is an independent technology research company that researches top-end CMS systems and provides research for purchase. Visit website >>