How can Komodo CMS help my organisation?

Without a CMS and regularly updated content your site runs the risk of being little more than electronic brochureware. An effective CMS is the tool to unlocking the full potential of your website, pushing communications out, pulling customers in, engaging, cross-selling and satisfying your business’s life blood.

But a really good CMS is even better than that, facilitating the management and integration of content on extranet, intranet and other IP based information delivery platforms (such as mobile phones and other wireless devices) . And the Komodo CMS is just such a system.

It’s critical that your organisation’s web data is constantly monitored, maintained and updated. Who better to manage that essential requirement than you? Engaging a third party, constantly briefing them on your needs, educating them on your brand and tone of voice, reaching them at a moment’s notice for urgent changes and paying for the privilege is flawed in so many ways.

Komodo CMS gives you total control of your own website. You can:
• Edit your site with ease and simplicity
• Manage site visitors, contributors, publishers and their privileges
• Upload documents, images, movies and other media
• Create, edit or delete site pages and alter site structure
• Manage and add new secure site sections
• Build online forms and manage submitted data
• Optimise site for search results and online marketing outcomes.

Functionally speaking, the Komodo CMS provides:
• Full browser compatibility
• Reduced technical complexity
• Reduced design complexity
• Control over authorised site editors
• Automatic (in-built) functionality and compatibility resolution

It’s a simple, intuitive and cost-effective tool that allows you to harness the proven power of content marketing, and puts you in the driving seat for all content management.