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Komodo Canvas – all set to power travel, finance and not-for-profit websites

The new financial year heralded a breakthrough for Komodo CMS with the launch of a production version of our shiny new Content Management System (CMS) we’ve named Komodo Canvas.

Komodo Canvas, was developed on the enterprise grade backbone of Drupal, a platform that has most recently seen rapid adoption by large corporations and governments in Australia and around the world.

We are delighted to announce that three of our clients’ websites are already in production.

Luxury Travel Magazine

Whether print or broadcast, the media industry is no stranger to the digitisation and consumption of content by users who are always on, always connected. Luxury Travel magazine’s website is under redevelopment on Komodo Canvas, putting valuable content in the hands of it’s readers as well as advertisers in tourism and hospitality sectors.

Community First

Community First, a client of over a decade has also entrusted us with the rebuild of its public facing website on Komodo Canvas. The finance industry has moved faster than many sectors in embracing mobile to deliver customers usability on the go. Recognising this, Community First’s new website is slated for release in the coming months with a fresh design and will be mobile optimised to ensure outstanding organic search results.

Berry Street

Berry Street's website is being refreshed from a design perspective, but is also undergoing architectural changes to make it fully responsive and to better meet the needs of the customer. Berry Street will soon have a website that delivers content to its users seamlessly across all devices.

We’re excited to see these progressive clients embracing the new Komodo Canvas platform to help them deliver unparalleled customer experience marketing and you’ll hear about the launch of their new websites in these pages in the coming months.

If you’d like to join them, why not get in touch with
Arun Mistry today to discuss how we can help you deliver outstanding digital experiences for your organisation.