Komodo CMS 7.2 Upgrade

Recently Komodo CMS was upgraded to 7.2. As part of this periodical release we rolled out a range of time-saving and site performance enhancements including:

Responsive preview: if you have a responsive website, you'll be able to preview how your website looks on a range of mobile devices.

Form Builder file uploads: your customers will be able attach files when completing forms

File Library drag-to-upload: no more uploading images individually! You'll be able to bulk upload files to the File Library simply by dragging them in directly from the desktop (note: this feature will require a modern browser such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer version 10 or newer)

Info portal drag to order: order your entries with simple drag and drop

Page rendering: a number of improvements have been made to reduce the download size of your web pages and the average time taken for browsers to display pages, particularly for repeat visits.

We'll post tutorial videos of these new features shortly!