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Saturday, 15th December 2018
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Program and Speakers | Loop | Komodo CMS User Conference 2007

Program and speaker information from LOOP 2007

Schedule, topics and speakers


Welcome and Introduction
David Warwick
Komodo CMS Product Roadmap for 2008
David Warwick
Trigger Based Marketing (Email, Web and SMS)
Chantel Lorimer
Location Based Marketing (Web, SMS, and Voice)
Ashley Porter
Morning Tea Break

Komodo CMS Product Demonstration
Shawn Smith
Streamed Video and Rich Media
Ian Gardiner
Building and Using Online Forms
William Jamieson
Conference Lunch

Online Compliance and Corporate Intranets
David Griffiths
Website Design Principles - Tips and Tricks
Ben Loke
Off-line Publishing from Web Content
Simon Rawson
Google Adwords and Analytics (SEO)
Julian Olencewicz
Afternoon Tea Break

Conference Keynote
David Austin
Komodo CMS User Panel (Question and Answer)
Berry Driessen (moderator)
Closing Comments
David Warwick
Post Conference Drinks

Speakers at Loop ...

Berry Driessen – COO, Komodo CMS
Berry moderated a panel of Komodo CMS clients who recounted their web publishing learnings and answered questions on how their organisations are leveraging the web.

Chantel Lorimer – Sales Director, MassMedia Studios
Chantel and Julian Martin presented a session on trigger based marketing, including the use of applications such as Traction (email and SMS marketing) and Komodo CMS (web publishing) to run powerful targeted and automated campaigns.

Ian Gardiner – Managing Director, Viocorp
Ian discussed streamed video and rich media directions, including how products such as Viostream can be used to deliver immersive web outcomes.

David Griffiths – Director, CompliSpace
David discussed the CompliSpace online compliance system, built with Komodo CMS, and internal corporate web publishing (intranet and business process) showcasing client needs in this area, including a memorable game of 'David says'. Congratulations Eliza on the bottle of Verve.

William Jamieson – CTO, Komodo CMS
William presented the Form Builder module of Komodo CMS, and demonstrated how it can be used to collect visitor information and integrate into broader marketing and communication activities.

Ben Loke – Design and Brand Manager, Komodo CMS
Ben revealed his hidden talent for stand-up and his detailed understanding of human nature. Ben shared his experience gained from Komodo CMS interface development and the architecture and design of over 100 websites, helping us all get more from our web publishing activities.

Julian Olencewicz – Campaign Manager, Glass Onion
Julian discussed and demonstrated how organisations can utilize Google Adwords, Google Analytics and other Search Engine Marketing (SEM) approaches to boost their online outcomes.

Ashley Porter – Managing Director, eHound
Ashley made a quick 'pitstop' amid his world travels and presented the eHound system and outlined content management in the wireless, SMS, 3G and voice markets, including how clients can use combined technologies to deliver multi-channel outcomes.

Simon Rawson – Consultant, Cavea Systems
Simon and Laurent Behan demonstrated how offline presentation tools such as Cavea can be combined with online web content management tools such as Komodo CMS to deliver the best of both worlds.

Shawn Smith, Sales and Marketing Manager, Komodo CMS
Shawn, assisted by other Komodo CMS staff Marie Veneziano and David Warwick, demonstrated some core benefits of the Komodo CMS platform, including automated indexes and sitemaps, rich text editing (RTE) and search optimization features.

David Warwick – CEO, Komodo CMS
David convened the inaugural Komodo CMS user conference and presented the Komodo CMS 2008 Roadmap, including Version 5 features and other development plans.

Selected presentations and videos are available on the Loop Recap page.

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