Reddit all about it

"I’m still surprised by how many marketers aren’t familiar with reddit ... If you count yourself any kind of marketer, digital content creator, or tech savant, you should consider at least listening on reddit."

That's an excerpt from an interesting piece from our friends at the Content Marketing Institute.

Reddit is the front page of the Internet

If you've never heard of reddit, here's how Wikipedia describes it: “Reddit is an entertainment, social networking, and news website where registered community members can submit content, such as text posts or direct links.”

Content Marketing Institute gives us one reason why we should bother with reddit:

"Lots of content you see on BuzzFeed and other viral content channels comes from reddit. It’s the perfect place to scoop stories (as redditors put it, “you’ll see this on Facebook in three days”). When you see a funny picture or video on your local news station, there’s a good chance it began on reddit or first became popular from a post on reddit linked to imgur (site with most viral images on web), YouTube, or another content-hosting site. If you’re a content marketer who wants to scoop viral stories, reddit may be your most important stop."

Brands do have a place on reddit, but tread lightly. For more reasons to use reddit and where brands will benefit most here's how you could
get started on reddit.