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6 things you must do before you publish

You’ve entered copy, laid out your webpage with dynamic content – images and a video or two. You’re almost at the finish line BUT before you navigate to the publishing report to publish your page, use this list to ensure all the essential components in Komodo CMS are covered.

Page URL - Check you’ve named your page URL correctly and that they are hyphenated for better SEO.

Window Title – window title for a page is simply the text that appears at the top of a visitor's web browser when viewing that page. Komodo CMS | Website Publishing and Content Management System is better than Home | Komodo CMS.

Meta Data – remember to enter your meta data before you publish. Also, add further meta keywords to the list that Komodo CMS auto generates.

Social Media - don't forget to attach the image for Facebook Like in page properties > social media tab.

Image alternative tags (alt. text) – these are essential as screen readers describe the image to people who are blind or have a vision impairment. The description does not always have to literally describe the image content so keep in mind what would be useful to someone who cannot see the image. Enter alt. text in the ‘Usability’ tab on the image content item in Komodo CMS.

Content - preview your webpage - are all the little things like spacing, the layout of tables and dynamic content look right? Are all the links linked?

If you've checked off these 6 items, you're now ready to publish!