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Spotlight on: David Bouwmeester, Community First

If your grandma asked what your job was, how would you answer?

My job is to make sure that people can find and visit our credit union on the internet. I need to ensure they get the information they want, when and how they want it. It is also important to make sure they can buy what they want with minimal disruption.

Outline your typical day in a few sentences.

As we are currently building a new website with Komosion my typical day may be a bit different than normal, so here goes ...

I usually get in at around 7:30am and make the first of many teas. I check Google Analytics and our landing page software to ensure that I divvy up any leads that came through via SEM and Infomediarys. I then check Moz SEO and ensure there are no optimisations required (time for tea number 2).

I work closely with Amanda Pitcher from Komosion to ensure that we are on track with our website rebuild project (currently we're working through User Experience and Information Architecture). In the meantime I am optimising our sitemap and SEO strategy for our new site. This is on top of the optimisation and reworking of our sister brand's site, apps and advertising.

Throw in a few meetings, the third tea of the day and marketing changes and this keeps me busy until the next day.

What do you feel are the key challenges in digital marketing?

A good digital marketer is a 'jack of all trades' and needs a good amount of knowledge in a broad set of areas, coupled with the ever-changing landscape in digital this means that the challenge is the constant need for learning and upskilling.

What do you think is going to be the next big thing in your field?

Data Marketing type roles which incorporate and analyse Google Analytics and sales trends which help develop dynamic personas and conduct on-the-fly optimisation of UX and IA. They will be savvy enough to optimise and provide best practise in SEO and will be responsible for maximising SEM.

What is your favourite part of your job?

Seeing the conversion numbers in Google Analytics increase.

Average coffee intake per day?

No coffee for me, it's 2-3 teas and a Coke Zero.