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Spotlight on: Madeleine Stratton, Luxury Travel Magazine

Watching the fast-changing trends in their web traffic, Luxury Travel Magazine asked us to refresh and mobile-optimise their website, on our new CMS platform Komodo Kanvas. Watch this space in the coming months to see their beautiful and dynamic new mobile-first website launch.

Madeleine Stratton is the Executive Producer of
Luxury Travel magazine’s website who also oversees production of a range of physical publications.

Outline your typical day in a few sentences.

I’m in the office by 8am and start the day with tea and going through emails. From then until close of business it's a mixed bag depending on my most pressing deadline. It can vary from a day of juggling client jobs and in-house projects (and a meeting or two) to the long days of our magazine deadlines spent liaising with our printers and working with the editorial team and designers on final sign off, pre-press and file upload to our printer.

What does being a producer/publisher mean to you?

It’s about making sure everything we do is produced and delivered on time, to the best possible standard (and to budget).

What is one thing that would make your job easier?

Faster internet.

What is the next big thing for

Luxury Travel


We’re working on a complete overhaul and redesign of www.luxurytravelmag.com.au. The idea behind the redesign is to completely freshen the look of the site making better use of the beautiful imagery at our disposal and to create a digital environment that not only complements our print publication but also expands on the content we’re already producing. We want our audience to be able to easily navigate through to the destinations they want to visit and/or be inspired to go somewhere new and learn everything they need to know about planning a luxury holiday.

With almost half of our web traffic now coming from mobile and tablet users, our new site will be completely mobile optimised - just last week we reviewed the mobile and desktop designs for the site and it's looking fantastic. The whole team is very excited!

What has been your favourite

Luxury Travel


A few issues ago we ran a great story called "Hidden Treasures" about a handful of luxury properties so secluded they don't appear on hotel comparison booking sites. In another issue we ran a great cover story on the future of luxury air travel. In my former role as editor of the magazine, I got to travel and report on some amazing destinations to cover - so those stories are my favourites, too.


Luxury Travel

inspired you to visit any destinations?

The problem with working on Luxury Travel magazine is it makes you want to go everywhere! Currently the US, Mexico and Sri Lanka are at the top of my must-visit list.

Average coffee intake per day?

Zero cups (but lots of tea).