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Tech talk - why Drupal underpins Komodo Kanvas

There are many Content Management Systems available to organisations large and small. Some costing a king’s ransom in licence fees whilst others are available as Open Source. But which one is right for the modern day digital marketer?

We asked Christopher Skene, our technical architect for Komodo Kanvas, on the back-story to creating the new CMS platform and how it will serve to benefit our customers. Here’s what he had to say…

"I’ve always been a developer, tinkerer, breaking things apart and putting them back together again to create something better. I think everyone of my ilk has those tendencies.

I’ve seen the growth of the Internet from its infancy to the powerful online systems that we see, use and dare I say it, take for granted these days. Content Management Systems have grown to make it easier for those without developer skills to be able to create and manage websites quickly and easily.

Komodo Kanvas is no exception. Hearing about the problems clients have had with the multiple steps, tricky work-arounds and, in some cases, writing html code, meant that we needed to build something that was first and foremost easy to use. We want our clients to manage their content, not their CMS, period. So that’s what we did.

Drupal, as our backbone, provides us with the framework that is robust and tested the world over by a developer community that is as enthusiastic as it is diligent about the software it puts out. As a part of that community, I’m constantly being reminded of the need to solve problems for our users, not just build the latest shiny object. I’m confident that Komodo Kanvas will stand up to the rigours of websites whether tens of pages, or thousands of pages deep.

Keeping Drupal up-to-date is a full-time job in itself. We added peace-of-mind by making Komodo Kanvas a fully supported product, so that core updates and security upgrades are completed on time, every time. Again, letting our customers drive excellence in user experience rather than worrying about the platform."

When he’s not driving our software development approach, Chris applies his decade of experience with Drupal helping our clients optimise their Drupal strategy. If you would like to discuss Kanvas, Drupal, or getting the most from an open source solution,
get in touch today.