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Technology enabling not disabling realty

The role of the realtor has been enhanced and updated through changes in digital technologies. Communicating information between stakeholders is an integral function, which defines the overall success of a realtor, and this can be enhanced through the strategic implementation of digital technologies.

For realtors, Information Communication Technology advances provide a stronger opportunity to leverage information to improve sale conversions.

Komosion as your agent for digital

We offer a competitive consulting service that uses a self-reflexive approach that combines user experience design know-how with business strategy.

Our strategy plans are developed in accordance with agile philosophy principles. Consequently they are flexible, robust, and delivered on time and within budget with the help of
Komodo Canvas, our new content management system (CMS) powered by Drupal.

If you want to know more about how our team can help you win in the digital space get in touch with
Arun Mistry today.