Have device, will travel

Digital marketing - a travel essential

Digital has fundamentally changed the way that consumers plan, buy and share their travel experiences. The experience of travelling in the modern era is itself shaped and enhanced by technologies that are no longer luxuries but commonplace expectations.

Finding the impetus to travel through photos shared by friends on social media, exploring crowd-sourced itineraries, becoming culturally acquainted and inspired through YouTube searches and other
video content are natural courses for a potential consumer to follow.

They confidently rely on mobile devices to book tickets and accommodation where they once didn’t and are expected to endorse their journey through their own digital sharing networks.

In what is now a global buyer's market consumers are empowered. Consequently travel brands must identify, prioritise and positively embolden the digital touch points they share with their customers to full effect to stay relevant and competitive.

The importance of a seamless user experience (UX) in this sector cannot be overstated. As with travel itself, the journey is as important as the destination. How travellers search, select and book their itineraries must be simple, intuitive and in line with their own travel booking process. Eventually this journey will inform their facebook timeline updates and social graphs.

Let us be your guide

Our team offers a holistic and immersive UX consulting service that combines expertise in user experience design and business strategy to understand, meet and surpass consumer expectations.

We dig deeper into the mindset of travellers and uncover actionable insights across the multitude of touch points that they encounter in their journey.

Then we turn these journeys into fresh, modern, online experiences that work seamlessly across the multitude of devices in the hands of travellers. Komodo Canvas, our new content management system (CMS) powered by Drupal, helps us deliver powerful and feature rich
responsive websites on time and on budget.

Our most recent projects with brands such as Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG), Luxury Travel Magazine and InterContinental Hotel Group means we're at the forefront of digital marketing solutions in the travel industry.

If you would like to know more about how we can help your brand navigate digital marketing to the always on, always connected consumer, get in touch with
Arun Mistry today.