What is content marketing

How big is your marketing budget? Whatever you answer, it’s never enough, right? The days of Big Brand Budgets to spend on traditional media advertising – think TV, radio, print and outdoor – have passed, and even display ads aren’t catching anyone’s attention as they once did. We’re so inured to the hundreds of communication messages we receive each day that we’ve learned to tune ads out.

But if traditional advertising is no longer working, and marketing budgets continue to be squeezed, how do you promote your brand, products and services in a cost effective way?

Savvy marketing-driven organisations are implementing a range of communication strategies including, but extending beyond, such ‘Bought’ advertising media. Witness the rise of the ‘Owned’ communication platform – an information, communication, advertising and engagement hub which utilises your own data resources to speak directly with customers and prospects rather than buying third party space. It’s known as Content Marketing, and there’s only one way to excel in this cost-effective dialogue, and that’s through a robust Content Management System (CMS).

Let’s say you’ve created a website for your business. Great. You own the content on it. Terrific. It’s now there for all to see, but just building it won’t mean customers will come. You need to make that content work for you by pushing relevant information out, pulling valuable customers in, and then entering into on-going dialogue and engagement with them – and prospective customers like them.

A good CMS such as Komodo’s provides the user-friendly environment in which you and your company colleagues can create content, and more importantly publish it.