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Why online videos are now a necessity to your marketing strategy

There is a debate in contemporary content marketing practice about whether we have moved into a world of “post literalism”. Social news and entertainment company Buzzfeed is redefining online advertising with its social, content driven publishing approach and technology.

Buzzfeed’s Motion Pictures division president, Ze Frank, recently cited the growing power of online social video, globally, saying: “One of the big stories of this last year was auto play on Facebook, but overall you are seeing the web coming into itself in this mobile era of video and it is pretty amazing the number of times you might watch something, even without the sound. You just forget to turn it on”.

Similar to this, The YouTube Insights Team has published its thoughts on the importance of videos to consumers. According to their research, smartphone users are:

  • More likely to watch and share ads and content from brands, with viewers over 1.6X as likely as TV viewers to turn to their peers in person and talk about the video content they're watching
  • Using their mobile devices are their first choice of screen (over desktop or TV)
  • Using their phones to make product decisions in-store and on company websites

Millennials especially use their smartphones to interact with videos online, while more and more consumers growing this trend. Over 50% of global view ship on YouTube comes from mobile devices.

Video ads on a mobile gain the consumers personal connection, while maintaining their freedom of choice. When you think about it, this makes sense. The nature of a smartphone is much more intimate than the desktop or TV. However, 3 out of 4 consumers state that having the choice to skip and ad is important to them, and the provision (or denial) of this, reflects the brand’s sensitivity to the personal experiences that consumers expect.

Successful brands are using videos to solve user needs, and this is reflected in the research: viewers are 1.2X as likely as desktop viewers, to think more highly of companies that offer videos about their products and services. Step-by-step or how-to videos may not be overly exciting as creative advertising, but they are increasingly essential to mobile marketing strategies.

Graph showing actions taken as a results of seeing branded content or ads on smartphones vs. tv

Consumers are now reflexively reaching for their phone when they want instantaneous answers. Videos provide quick and easy answers that consumers are demanding.

What you will be happy to hear is that brands do have their place in the online mobile world. Mobile viewers are more likely to watch, share, and feel personally connected to ads, and they're seeking out branded content to aid with their decisions. Successful brands are meeting their consumers' needs while respecting their expectations for relevance and choice.